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In my thirty years of service to others I learned that every problem in life can be solved if you know the answer to two very simple questions.

Who am I? And, what do I believe in?

Knowing who I am, and what I believe in did not make my life simple, it did however make my life simpler. It allowed me to touch the pillars of the Parthenon and to stand wide eyed before the Mona Lisa. To walk the Inca Trail in Machu Picchu as well as ancient paths running along the cliffs of Santorini. To live in a cave home on the Greek isles and a high rise in Tokyo. My quest to answer those two fundamental questions led me to hike the Japanese Alps, the Italian and French Alps and the Andes of South America. In Cusco, I have eaten the finest pastry in the poorest section of the city, and while relaxing in a Japanese Hot Springs I enjoyed delicacies that were both delectable and unidentifiable.

The answers to those questions led to a life lived passionately while ruled by something far more important… compassion. I learned that I cherish silence above almost everything else, so I try not to add to the noise of the universe. I also learned that hope is stronger than fear and that denial is one of the most potent forces in the cosmos.

Who am I? I am a writer.
What do I believe in? Karma.

***NEW RELEASE***  A story of magical realism that resonates deeply and has us look inwards, and asks us to provide support for any person, not only ourselves, who is struggling to find their best life.







… I was not always a writer.  For most of my adult life I was a Youth Worker meaning that I worked with families that were struggling, or children who were having a hard time.  It was a profession that was both rewarding and heart breaking.  In the thirty years that I was a Youth Worker, I learned two things that led me on a journey halfway around the world and back.  

When I returned — I began writing.

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