Roy Dimond




The Singing Bowl tells the epic story of one man’s quest for a book lost to the world while learning that the journey is more important than the destination.

  • Paperback: 524 pages
  • Publisher: Green Dragon Publishing Group; 2 edition (March 13, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0893349100
  • ISBN-13: 978-0893349103

Second edition  by Humanics - Green Dragon Books Publishing. 
A Tibetan monk embarks on a journey filled with harrowing dangers and strange mysteries. His quest is to find a lost book and save an ancient way of life. Under attack from Chinese Communists, a monk travelling the wilds of Tibet is given a daunting task--to bring a way of life back from the brink. That's the spellbinding journey revealed in Roy Dimond's new, action-packed adventure tale. Given an ancient artifact from his monastery, the sacred "Singing Bowl," the young monk beads out on a trek to find a lost book and reunite a broken circle to keep his centuries-old civilization alive. 


     ''This epic story is an ultimate must-read in your life backpack! After reading The Singing Bowl, I marveled at the myriad of characters that take you over the precipice of life's ultimate questions. This journey through consciousness and intention is timeless. You will feel that you are holding a Holy Book (with the fear of even creasing the cover or dog-earing a page) but will lean on it like a good friend if you are ever paralyzed in your own life from moving forward. This story harnesses the intentions of the world and ourselves, that magically takes you... home. The Singing Bowl will always have a special place in mine. Absolutely brilliant indeed!''
~ Jeff Leitch ~ 

       ''Imagine twists and turns. Envision a personal quest that takes you on a journey over several continents and many decades. Meet people who all have a piece of a greater picture. Is the solution to this quest in words or in the experience itself? This is all part of the joy reading this book. Mr. Dimond has mastered the art of combining time, distance and international intrigue with age old questions that underscore all cultures and religions.
       Mr. Dimond had me from the first line, "Today my heart broke and a world shattered. "I wanted more and he delivered. His exquisite use and command of detail and research created a map for this journey. This is a journey that takes the reader around the world and deep into our own core. Romance and danger tempered the main character's quest giving the reader a sense of vulnerability in an ageless adventure of finding answers--the answers all humankind seek and the ones that make us always connected.''
~ Ed.G.Kardos ~  

By Roses are Amber 

The Singing Bowl is an epic journey for mankind. It follows a Tibetan Monk as he searches the World for answers to a mystery and a long lost book. Forced to flee from invading Chinese Communists the monk is one of a religious group called The Gatherers, he begins by running for his life from Tibet and walking over the mountains to Nepal.

There are many people who will help and teach the monk along his journey and the author uses few names, instead he gives them identities which help form a distinct picture in the mind of the reader. For instance "The Wise Woman of Alexandria", "The Nomad" and "Wife of Big Brother". There are some wonderful characters and many have starring roles in the journey of the monk. He travels through The Ancient World, The Old World and The New World and in each world he has a lesson to learn from the people who make up that place.

The people he meets are also from all religions and they show their generosity when they help him and share their homes and food with him. He meets some of his fellow Gatherers who are on their own journeys and interacts with them before they each move on. It's not all easy, the Communists search for the monk and want to stop and destroy him because of what he represents. Many times his life is at risk and he escapes because of some faithful friends.

I didn't want the book to end although the Monk's mystery was solved. My favourite part of the journey was from the Ancient World, I thought I was learning as much as the monk. I wanted to search the dusty book shops and sit for hours pouring over long lost books. I wanted to race through the book, not putting it down, but I also wanted to sit back and reflect on some of the parts that I had read, it really made me think about our World and if you choose to read this book I hope it makes you think as well.

This review is based upon a free copy of the book given to me by the author.

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